The path led us to somewhere up and down the hill, deep through the narrow road with blocks of rock piled up as a wall throughout the passage…and …. we arrived at HEBDEN HEY, scenic enough to offer the delightful ambiance being at a scout camp~~ seriously, it is indeed an exceptional one, plus with the river streaming down the hill…I def…definitely cannot despise this one~~


MEDICAL SYMPOSIUM?…this is my first time being to one, so no comparison could be made, no critiques could be uttered whatsoever, but hey…I think it’s great!!

Firstly, we are of a smaller group than what usually is, hence the greater interaction between the group members…ahh~~being a first year student, I got the chance to be highly dependent on the seniors (this was certainly an excuse)…and eventually cannot stop admiring them for being soooo goooood at not just memorizing, but also at articulating facts…maa~~lots of hard work neh?!

We had JUNGLE TREKKING, not much of building up skills to avoid the doggies that accompany the local trekkers but the session was full of TEST, TEST and TEST: on anatomy, ethics etc…we learn EXTREME MEDICINE: triage, hypothermia, constructing stretcher with “kain batik”, making slings etc and also on FIQH medicine by Ustaz Erfino.

Lots and Lots and More to learn~~~!!

SUTURING SESSION was undeniably cool… to doctors@ med students, suturing may be just another skills to be required but to the patient, it sure means a lot; whether the suture is placed nicely with less scarring etc..etc..


Indisputably not!! And it is indeed remarkable when Dr. Alhady presented it, providing analogy that has indeed illustrated the applicability of the concepts, to BOTH…(adjusted for I don’t get the actual word)


·         If MEDICAL TRAINING is ongoing; with degree, Master, PhD, then ISLAM is entirely about increasing our level of understanding and widening our aspect of knowledge.

·         If MEDICAL TRAINING is all about assessment, then ISLAM is forever encouraging on reflecting upon ourselves.

·         If MEDICAL TRAINING is about its organized session; labs, clinical, then ISLAM is absolutely upholding the virtue of discipline.

·         If MEDICAL TRAINING is of doing projects and research, then ISLAM is none other but acquiring us to verify information and finding the truth.

That’s just a bit I could listed…but you guys out there~~must have seen more than I do, right?

Like what Professor Dr. Amaluddin emphasis on…(he is a man of impressive ideas~~)

>>>There’s a lot that we can do as a DOCTOR in the future…

        And there’s a lot that we can do as a MEDICAL STUDENT too~~!!


My best regards to all participants and committees of IMAM sympo~~

And to my dearest friends~~



Minna-san, GAMBATTEY!!!




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