Live From Gaza – which aims to raise GBP 13’000 to fund a basic Intensive Care Unit..yesterday’s donation had amounted to roughly 11’000…hope we’ll reach the target soon…for Gaza ~ ~

The evening kicked off with inspiring talk from awesome speakers; Yvonne Ridley , Dr Ghada Ageel, Dr Jenny Tonge (both of them also spoke in FOSIS Palestine Conference late autumn), Sis Eman (live from Gaza), Sis R. Akhtar…

That behind every stories we heard, there are crimes behind, and behind those crimes, there are criminals still freely implementing out madly deadly selfish ideas that cost us lives of the people we love…hence…

  • do pray
  • do boycott Israeli goods
  • do give donation
  • do lobby the media and MPs
  • do raise awareness – mobilise the grass roots!

>>    we do have power , people!! We DO!!

..and the evening ended…

Free free Palestine! (2x)

Stop the siege in Gaza

Stop the siege now!


Occupation no more.


Israel is a terrorist state.

From the river to the sea

Palestine will be free.

Oh Gaza don’t you cry

We will never let you die.

BBC shame on you

Al-Jazeera is better than you.

What do we want?


When do we want?



 ps: feel like donating more??  ^_^


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