I knock on the door

You welcomed me,

I cried and I cried some more,

And then I was free.


There was once a shadow

Covered behind a veil

Wherever I go, be sure it will follow

My fear is that one day it’ll be revealed.


As I talk and You listen

The shadow slowly vanished

Thankful I was for the lifting of the burden

I’ll always remember You, then, I promised.


Then time, wealth and health were given

When I have some, I wanted more

Not realising that I have forgotten

I am drifting away, somewhere very far.


Along came the shadow, darker than ever

Seeping through the veil, I’m covered with darkness

Where once I thought no one was greater

Now I stood in the dark, hopeless.


I’m back behind Your door

Will You welcome me or just ignore?


The past can be the future when one is not careful with the present.

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