The tears and blood shed for Islam…

The glory of Islam will be brought about by the freeing of Palestine…    (Dr Azzam Tarmimi)


Manusia mudah lupa…Setiap kali ada program tertentu barulah kita ingat akan saudara seislam kita di palestine. Hati tersentuh, air mata bercucuran, semangat jihad membara…tp mana hasilnya?


InsyaAllah..moga entry kali ini membangkitkan semangat saya dan juga rakan2 yg lain utk sama2 berjuang dgn apa cara yg termampu utk saudara2 di Palestine. Allah itu Maha Adil…apa jua yg kita lakukan walau sekecil mana sekali pun tidak akan terlepas pandang oleh-Nya.


Me myself is not an expert when it comes to the Palestinian issues and its history. What I’m writing today is mostly based on the previous Palestine Conference in Nottingham University. For those who know more, your contribution is most welcomed.


Let’s talk a bit about numbers. People tend to believe in statistics more than just mouthed words. Dr Salman Abu Sitta, one of the speaker gave us this statistics. Today, 3/4 Palestinians are homeless. That amounts to approximately 6 250 000 people. Six and a quarter million of our muslim brothers and sisters are homeless! And almost 97% of all the registered refugees live within 100km away from their home.  Is it too much to ask for a chance to be able to live in your own home that is only 100km away?


One of the reason why the Israelis are denying the Palestinians’ right to go home is probably one of the most irrelevant reasons ever to be used. No space. No space? No space?!!


2% of Israeli Jews are living in Palestinians’ land while 88% of the Jews are actually living in the Israeli land. 2% only…? Its just simple maths….what are they doing with the 98% Palestinians’ land left?

The Israelis are trying their best to make life as miserable as they can for the Palestinians. They build the Apartheid walls. They chased away the Palestinians from their home and they even build a road only for Jews…in Palestinian state! Are we trying our best to do anything? (terkena pada diri sendiri juga sebenarnya)


Memetik kata2 Dr Salman, Israel is not a religious character of Jewish. So, why is there a need for exclusion of other ethnics or other faiths? The only (sudah terang lagi bersuluh punya) reason for them to have an Israel country is to have a license to kill the Palestinians if ever they exceed certain number of population. Ya Allah…sekejam mana manusia itu mampu bertindak?


There is also this thing called the Law of Nationality that basically tries to limit the number of Palestinian who can return to Palestine. The (udang di sebalik batu) real intention is for Israel to maximise the number of land and minimised the number of Palestinians. For them, non-jews citizen have the citizenship as a priveleged not a right inherited or obtained.


Imagine you are born in Malaysia, your father and mother were born in Malaysia, but then somebody from ntah dari mana2 ntah said that you are not a citizen of Malaysia.. How would you feel? Yes…now you know the feelings of the Palestinian people..but that’s just a tiny portion of the hardship that they have to face. Will you be able to live like them? Will I?


However, one of the key point that we all also need to take note is the difference between the Orthodox jews and the Zionist jews. Orthodox Jews still hold on to their beliefs that they should not enter Palestine before the arrival of the Messiah. They also believed that Jews cannot go on warfare with non-Jews and they are not allowed to pray to God for the Messiah to come early. The orthodox believers see Zionism as a project to force their will in God’s hands.


So you see…even the Jews do not agree with the Zionists acts. Apatah lagi kita sebagai Muslim?

Actually there are lots more to the conference but terlalu bnyak utk ditulis. Moga2 post nih mmpu trigger kita utk mencari lebih lanjut maklumat ttg Palestine..

InsyaAllah…may all of us will be given the strengh to help free Palestine in anyway we can, may it be with prayer or something more..

 Santaibroadgate – our journey on the path of profesional muslims –


November 28, 2008 - Posted by | islamiah


  1. “It would be forbidden for us to have a State, even if it would be in a land that is desolate and uninhabited.”

    “When we traveled to Iran, the humbleness we found … it is a country where people are God fearing.. they believe in God and they serve God… you can see the difference between that society and the society here – depravation is so great, where you have television, immorality, immodesty and so forth. Your children grow up with they say democracy but democracy originally meant freedom to serve God…but unfortunately today many are preaching freedom to exclude God, in other words free from God…”

    Kata-kata ni diungkapkan oleh Yisroel Dovid Weiss,seorang Jewish rabbi dari US.

    It’s truly dangerous to speak the truth nowadays,especially if u are against the mainstream.Somehow this guy,has successfully gain my respect for his bravery and continuing support for Palestine.Such a rare man,isn’t he??

    Semoga keberanian Saidina Umar Al Khattab,dan kebenaran Abu Bakr As Siddiq meresapi dan bersebati dengan diri hamba yang lemah ini.Ameen,ya Allah..

    Comment by intan nadia | November 29, 2008

  2. i love it…
    chiayo..i know its d right decision to leave dis one for ya…tsk..tsk.. 🙂

    Comment by peppermint~~ | November 29, 2008

  3. Bravery @ Courage is sth tat we shud seek for when we feel like lacking..i am lacking (a severe one)n i hope i am working on it..amiin..insyaAllah..hope dis one can trigger our courage to move on as Muslims who love his brothers and sisters more than the love for ourselves..

    Comment by peppermint~~ | November 29, 2008

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